Hooray Haute Drop Off!

Remember in high school when cowboy boots, Gap jean jackets, baby-doll dresses and bangs where the shitttt? You know you rocked this look hard. You were eager to adopt the wardrobe of your fave 90210 girl (#teamBrenda4life), dreamed of making out hard with Dylan McKay in his Porsche Speedster and then catching up with the rest of the crew (but dodging David Silver and that skanky bitch Valerie Malone) with Nat at the Peach Pit. You also were the one who crimped your hair and wore a neon ”Choose Life” off-the-shoulder sweatshirt (unbeknownst that you were advocating pro-lifers- ooops!), with leggings, leg warmers and white Reebox aerobics shoes. You experimented with neon lipstick, big earrings and traded shoes with your friends who were basically an incarnation of The Bangles, or SJP’s posse in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. You weren’t afraid to express yourself. You played with fashion and experimented with anything you thought was cool and looked cool.

20+/- years later, we’ve grown up. Many of us have hooked up with our own versions of Dylan, got knocked up, and became moms. Oh joy! Along with that title for some of us, the Kelly Taylor has been replaced with Andrea Zuckerman. Not cool.

Why does being a MOM mean that we have to give up on being stylish?

Why does being a MOM mean that you have to wear comfortable, sensible shoes?

Why does being a MOM mean that you have to stop fucking swearing?

Why does being a MOM mean that you have to wear yoga gear all day long?

Come on moms! Let’s drop these lame stereotypes. Starting with these three words (and blog):


I am super obsessed in LOVE with this blog. Mara Menachem who is a Cali based writer (follow her on Huffington Post ), and beyond-stylish mom- started this amazing and brilliant blog which since 2011, has been capturing and celebrating MILFS and DILFS who have not given up on their fierce sense of style, partaking in the ever arduous task of the morning drop off. She’s basically the Bill Cunningham of the hip parent scene. No one else can claim that title. Bill Cunningham is a fucking genius, so is Mara.


Via a quick email chat we touched on her recent trip to Miami where she got some pretty incredible shots of haute drop offs and damn were they fiiiine. But this one was my total fave. Since then, I have been secretly dreaming that Rhonda and I will be besties one day because she exemplifies the kind of “mom” that I align myself with. Someone who isn’t afraid to be bold and be themselves. Not faking anything. Just being real peeps who don’t prescribe to any “parent stereotypes”. Just regular people dropping off smaller people at school, while looking cooler than fuck.

So once I was done girl-jocking her site, I decided to introduce the topic of #momguilt, so I asked Mara what fuels hers.

Ya know what makes me feel painfully guilty? That my kids aren’t already rock stars or olympic athletes, honestly that gives me major guilt. I think to myself, “what did I do wrong as a parent that my kids aren’t on their way to being the next big thing?” I hired all the best people, sent them to an artsy, hippie school and they aren’t rich and famous yet. And so I blame myself for raising really non-career oriented kids, who seem happy at the simplest things…like loud burps.

Here’s to raising non-career oriented kids and looking fucking amazing while doing it. Thanks Mara and all of the fellow moms (and dads) that are keeping style alive and well in the parking lots of elementary schools world wide.