Friendship Beads

Happy Fucking Labor Day. Today was supposed to be a boat day- anchored out on the ocean blue, peacefully catching up on the Sunday Times as the boys entertain themselves snorkeling and fishing- while sipping on white sangria…sounds incredible huh?

Well- basically it never happened. Instead I got to deal with unexplainably waking up way too early for a holiday; a pre-pre-pubescent tantrum courtesy of my 9 year old; a rained out boat day; sitting in a traffic jam one block away from home; the whining demands of a post-week long birthday sugar rushed 5 year old; no sangria; no ocean breezes; no Sunday Times and a raging fuck offy mood.

Fortunately I  married a really really nice guy who in our 12 years together, has cleverly learned how to take the, holy-shit-Annhy’s-gonna-fucking-blow, cues, and as a result, whisked the boys away to the Children’s Museum for a few hours to leave me to enjoy some ME time.

As soon as the house fell silent- I thought that I should catch up on work. The proposals, the design concepts and contracts I need to finish- but instead, I hopped into my car and went to visit my fabulous friend Alex- who lives 5 minutes away from me- and whose friendship gives me a nice break away from my crazy mom reality. She’s the girl I can shop with whenever I’m itching to spend money on stupid shit like expensive shoes and handbags or over priced clothing. We talk about make-up, her hot dating life, hair and …basically all things that I rarely talk about because I’m so not a girly girl… But somehow with Alex, it’s a girl escape that I cherish and welcome.

Today we made matching bead bracelets. Clearly we’re not 11 or in summer camp, but strangely, by taking the time to string beads together and talk shit about random shit while her two adorable Frenchies ran around like total fucking freaks- I found the therapy that I needed today to reunite with my happy self and go back home diffused and calm.

My point?

Find happiness in simple things…and cherish them, bead bracelets and all.