Category: Mommy First

A happy mom is a balanced mom. Just because we bear children doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves or drive mini vans and wear bad shoes. You come first, kids second. This is how I keep my shit together.

FOMIB. Fuck Off Mommy Is Busy. We are working moms. We are super moms. We buy organic. We believe in letting our kids be kids. We give them freedom but we shield them from GMOs. But, we haven't lost ourselves or our sense of humor. In fact that's what saves us every fucking screaming day of our lives as we juggle and struggle to maintain a sense of zen during these mommy years. We know they won't last long. And we will miss these days one day sooner than we know it. But until then, we won't feel shamed for doing things for ourselves every now and then. Whether its leaving a sink full of dirty dishes to take a nap, or taking a shot of Tito's vodka mid-day- or choosing happy hour for bedtime cuddles. We need to do these self-indulgent things for the sake of our sanity. Even if it induces a smidge of mom guilt. Go with it.