Embrace It.

Hitting ‘the mid-life’ officially this past March has admittedly made me more reflective. I have learned to surrender (baby steps) to a slower pace. My voice is quieter and my desire to just listen has become louder.

This time of year, September/End of Summer, typically marks many new beginnings, changes, endings and more sun damage. This year in particular has held a little more weight than usual. Tito started school for the very first time in his life. Julien changed schools going into 4th grade. I finally decided to separate church and state and got me a little mom-cave hooka-den work space where I can ‘leave work at work’. I am giving up my nanny. I am embarking on new design projects. My father moved back to Toronto after being away for 11 years in Vancouver. My mother retired…All of these ‘things’ have required my attention, my help, my opinions, my solutions, my care, my cheerleading, my time, my phone calls, my words, my support, my patience and most importantly, my positivity. It’s no doubt that indeed mommyisbusy- more than ever.

Yet- surprisingly, I am at peace. I have been feeling pretty calm about things and I am accepting the fact that crazy is the new normal. That to not react is the healthiest form of reaction. Just do. Just go…

Of course, it’s always fun to bitch and complain on the side- but only as long as you keep a sense of humor about it all. Basically, I am learning that to save your sanity you just have to shut the fuck up and EMBRACE IT. ALL. When shit goes ‘wrong’, throw your arms around it with a positive mind and surprisingly the wrong won’t seem so wrong anymore. Work is work. Money comes and goes. Positivity grows.

So tackle those annoying tasks- like shoveling shit- with a smile on your face because you if you can’t change a situation- change yourself.